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Zirconium veneers are an exceptional type of porcelain veneers, which is obtained through computer milling, with the use of CAD-CAM (Cerec) System. The difference between these veneers and the traditional porcelain veneers is the fact that the Zirconium veneers are fabricated with the use of machines.

Among the many advantages of using Zirconium Veneers are the following:

Achievement of highly improved aesthetic results.
Requires shorter time for the process to be done and completed.
The fabrication of the veneer offers the highest level of precision.
The use of porcelain, which is considered as the most exceptional material.
The result is not just good looking teeth but with enhance strength too.
Zirconium veneers are made with the help of computer milling technology wherein it is highly possible to get the most identical look of the natural tooth. With this technology it is easy to actually come up with veneers of the most precise size, shape and color, which will help provide the best dazzling smile for the patient.

The problem with this method of creating veneers is that not most dentists are skilled to obtain perfect porcelain veneers. The technique is truly complicated that it comes as obstacles for most dentists. There are those dentists though who are highly skilled with the use of this technique. That is why it is highly recommended for patients to do a thorough research when they are contemplating having Zirconium veneer treatments done for them.

It is best if your dentist can honestly say if he or she is skilled with the use of the machine. It will be at the advantage of the patient if a question will be pushed forward at the start of the consultation process.

It is also best if the patient knows what to expect from the procedure from the start of teeth preparation to the fitting of the zirconium veneers. It should be taken into consideration that since this type of veneers is really made of special materials and molded with the use of a highly advance machine, then it can only be expected that they come to cost high than traditional veneers or the more affordable composite veneers.

The benefits of Zirconium veneers though should compensate for the price. Zirconia ahs proven to be very excellent choice in cosmetic restorations, because they are not one strong but they also provide the best looking results. Zirconia is considered the best choice for tooth restoration because they also bind to the teeth using the same material.
Use of Zirconium veneers then can be explained as the unique and dependable combination of aesthetics and strength. It is guaranteed that patients will get the most satisfying results that will stay with them for many years to come.
Imagine having the best looking Zirconium veneers enhancing the smile and protecting the teeth for more than 20 years. The amounts of money a patient will pay for the entire procedure will surely be worth it. A great and dazzling smile can be anyone’s key to success.

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