Dental Tourism in Antalya

Dental Tourism in Antalya

Health Tourism & Antalya Oral and Dental Polyclinic

The number of patients coming to our country for dental treatment had a great increase in recent years, especially those from European countries. The most important factor for this is patient satisfaction. In addition to this, in Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya, the treatment is combined with holiday.

As Atalya Private Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, we have successfully completed many of our patients’ treatments, especially coming from European countries, and have made them happy to return and continue to do so. We are working diligently to prepare our services in this regard. Our overseas patients generally prefer us for implant and veneer treatments.

Why choose Turkey and Antalya?

  • The quality of the health service is very reasonable in terms of price
  • To be among the top 10 most preferred countries in the world in terms of health tourism
  • Waiting times are too short or not at all
  • Possibility to combine holiday and treatment
  • Excellent geographical location
  • Easy access from all over the world
  • Concerned medical staff
  • Safe treatment options available and stable prices

Services we provide to our oversea patients;

  • Transportation and Accommodation
  • A Therapy Plan
  • A Payment Plan
  • All Oral and Dental Health Treatments
  • Post-Treatment Controls and Follow-Ups

For more detailed information, our contact informationcan be found on the‘Contact’ page.

The main reasons for health tourism are:

  • The lack of high-tech health services and professional human resources in the patients’ country,
  • The wishfor having a holiday with the treatment,
  • Health services being expensive in the patients’ countries,
  • The wish for getting high-quality health care services,
  • Not wanting anyone in the patients’ country to know about the operation due to any reason (Aesthetic Surgery, Infertility Treatment etc.)
  • The wish for holiday in a country where there is a lot of tourism activities (going to countries with forests, highlands, historical and rich culture), mostly thermal facilities and thermal tourism facilities, while there is limited opportunity for climate and geographical holiday in the patients’ own country.
  • Chronic patients, elderly people and people with disabilities wishing to go to other environments and get treated,



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