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Ebru Balcı Sözen

Dt.Ebru Balcı Sözen  was  born in 1985 Konya /Seydişehir . She  grauduated  years of 2004  at Seydişehir Mahmut Anadolu High school. Years of 2004  she beginned the undergraduate education in Selçuk Universty  Faculty of Dentistry and in 2009 that she graduated with high  egree. İn 2015 Dt.EbruBalcı Sözen continue her  career life in Antalya her own private Practice for 5 years. in 2015 April started  her Career in Private  Atalay  Mouth and Dental  Health Policinic . Dr.Ebru Balcı, that who specifically  conducting working  in the fields of personal and esthetic dentistry, zirconium, e max, metal porcelain, lamina applications, bonding applications, office bleaching, intradental bleaching, retreatment, root and canal treatments. Dr.Ebru Balcı  is married and  she have a son. At remaining  time of working  she  join  nature walks and participates as a  voluntary association activities.

Ahmet Mirdas

Dt Ahmet Mirdas was born in 1987 Buhara/ Uzbekistan . He completed primary, secondary andhigh school education in Azerbaijan. He is succesfully grauduated years of 2009 Dental Prosthesis Technologies and in 2015 Gaziantep Universty Faculty of Dentistry. Since years of 2015 continue his Career in Private Atalay Mouth and Dental Health Policinic

Cansu Kahveci

Dt.Cansu Kahveci was born in Van 1992. She move since 1996 in Antalya and completed primary, secondary and high school educated in Antalya. After in 2017 She graduated Kocaeli Universty Faculty of Dentistry,the same year begin the working life in Antalya .
Since 2018 January continue her Career in Private Atalay Mouth and Dental Health Policinic . She is active member of Turkish Dental Association Dt.Cansu Kahveci has been continue her professional carrer life training of cosmetic dentistry, implantology, aesthetic restorations and various other education.

Vahdet Batmaz

M.D. Dt Vahdet Batmaz was born in 1987 Adana/Ceyhan . He grauduated at Ceyhan Halil Çiftci Anatolian High School. Years of 2011 he is graduated in Ege Universty Faculty of Dentistry and until 2013 for 2 year he worked as a Dentist at İstanbul Güngören Kolan Hospital .
in September 2013 he qualified Dentistry Specialty Exam(DUS) and started branch of Oral- Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery at Akdeniz Universty.March of 2018 He is succesfully completed of M.D education.
Since 2018 of April continue his Career in Private Atalay Mouth and Dental Health Policinic . M.D. Dt Vahdet Batmaz is married ; he has a daughter and who is member of

  • Turkish Dentists Association(TDB)
  • Mouth- Chin- Facial Surgeries Association(AÇBTD)
  • Turkish Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Association (TAOMS)
  • International Team for Implantology (ITI).


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