Laminate Veener

Laminate Veener

Laminate Veener

What is the laminate veener?

Laminate veneers are commonly used dental veneers. Porcelain laminate veneers, which have become popular especially since the beginning of the 2000’s, can provide an excellent aesthetic appearance with conservative methods and without much abrasion of the tooth tissue.

Laminate veneer is a process that; removes the color changes which distort the natural white of the teeth, fixes minor deformities that occur in the form of teeth, and eliminates deformation.

Unlike commonly known, laminates are not a type of porcelain. When laminate porcelain is used, it should be understood that the preparations to be made on the teeth will be carried out in a conservative way, with only minor abrasions of the necessary parts to complement the aesthetic with the damaged areas.

Although it is stated in many sources that laminate veneers can be done without any cutting, these cases do not exceed 30% of all cases in order to adjust the end point of the gum and obtain a certain thickness. This means that if necessary, the physician will make some corrections and abrasions, even if these are small ones.

Which of the problems in your teeth are solved with laminate veneer applications?

Laminate veneers are used as the treatment of many teeth problems. In cases such as; insufficiency of techniques like bleaching, later dental discoloration caused by cigarette, tea or coffee, genetical teeth deformation and discoloration, spots caused by drugs like tetracycline, recreation of the ideal form of improperly positioned teeth that are not too misplaced, restoration of a tooth or teeth which are broken or decayed because of traumatic or other reasons, removal of the disturbing gap between teeth which is called diastema, people not being happy with the appearance of their teeth, this method is a very popular and highly effective application that provides patient satisfaction .
For laminate veneers, firstly a detailed examination of the dentist is required. The dentist can apply a laminate veneer to the teeth of every group of age where the reasons we consider above are present.

Which patients cannot get this treatment?

If the patient has gum problems and these problems are advanced, a laminate veneer cannot be done. The patient may do this veneer after completing the gum disease treatment. On the other hand, laminate veneers are not recommended in the presence of some obsessions, ie psychological behavior that will damage the tooth, such as nail biting, continuous pencil biting, or chin deformation.

How are laminate veneers done?

For laminate veneers, firstly a measure is taken from the patient. The model, which is transferred to the patient’s mouth with special methods, is prepared by wax modeling over the measurements of the set target width, which are taken from the patient. After the patient’s preconception is made, preparations are done according to the target result in teeth. After the preparation, the final model is done by processing the main measure with a special wax according to the previously determined form by the technician. The prepared wax is applied to the patient’s mouth and their final shapes are determined. Then, a mold is taken and porcelains are pressed by heat treatment. The laminates which are rehearsed with wax at the patient’s mouth are prevented from being denatured by a single heat treatment,
Once the laminates are obtained, the most important issue is their bonding. Bonding is the most complex part of the whole job. Possible mistakes that might occur during bonding are: incorrect seating of teeth, gingival problems, change of the color of the adhesive after bleeding, which may lead to an irreversible chain of mistakes for that laminate. For this reason, it is obvious that this requires very high technical precision.

How should patients be paying attention to their dental care after having a laminate veneer?

* The teeth should be brushed in a circular shape with soft bumps.
* Mouthwashing must be done.
* Tough foods shouldn’t be chewed or torn with teeth that have a laminate veneer (usually applied on front teeth).
* Habits like nail eating, pencil biting should be abandoned.
* If you have a habit of jaw clenching or teeth grinding while sleeping at night, a dental night guard should be used.
* Regular checks should not be neglected.

How long is the life of the laminate veneer?

A patient who suits the recommendations of the dentist can use the laminate veneer for many years. Laminate veneers are manufactured from porcelain with superior features. They are resistant to abrasion and stain retention.

What are the advantages of laminate veneers?

In great whiteness, it reveals a well-ordered tooth structure, allowing one to have a smile that gives a positive impact on self-confidence.
Because laminate veneers are applied with a small intervention, it gives the patient comfort in terms of the duration of the treatment and makes the patient win time.

These veneers are extremely robust. It is impossible to remove a glued laminate layer in total from the tooth. It can only be lifted by abrasion. It is a guarantee of a beautiful smile for many years since it is resistant to coloring and abrasion.
It does not break the natural structure of your teeth. No change on the tooth is required. In some teeth it is enough to open a nail-width slot only.

Because of the porcelain layer being very thin, the light will pass and reflect at the same time. This gives the tooth a natural appearance. It does not have an artificial appearance. The teeth get a very natural and aesthetic appearance.
The surface of the laminate porcelain veneer is almost smooth. For this reason, the risk of stains and plaque formation due to reasons such as coffee and smoking is minimised.

It provides the patient the opportunity to see the new design of the teeth beforehand.


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