Zirconium crowns are created by applying a porcelain coating on top of a white colored material.

With its smooth and natural appearance, zirconium crowns are among the most preferred treatments recently. Zirconium Crowns are tooth-shaped caps that are custom-created in a dental lab and placed over teeth to replace the entire external portion of the tooth to enhance its appearance, function and strength. The used porcelain is coated on a material called zirconium. The most important characteristic of this material is that it has a daylight-permeable structure, which allows to adapt to natural your teeth for a natural look.

Teeth and dental health are at the forefront of the issues that people need to pay attention to in their daily life. We can show the aesthetic concerns that people have about their teeth as one of the main reasons for the attention paid to dental health or dental care. This is also why people make different choices about getting their teeth done. One of these choices is zirconium crowns, which is directly associated with aesthetic concerns.

Zirconium is a preferred element in dental bridgework and dental crowns. It is much more preferred by those who want to have their tooth or dental aesthetics done, due to the harmony that it provides with the natural teeth. As a very strong material, zirconium gives high durability to the porcelain that is coated on its top. Zirconium, which does not have any harm in terms of human health, stands out because it is much more aesthetic than other metals.


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