Invisalign® Clear Aligners

Invisalign® Clear Aligners

What is Invisalign® treatment?

Each innovative feature of the Invisalign System is designed to bring the smile you deserve. Invisalign system uses correction plates specially prepared for your mouth to fix your teeth. Invisalign, one of the latest technologies in orthodontic treatments, is a orthodontic treatment without using braces applied to correct your teeth with specially made transparent plaques.

These plaques are soft, comfortable, completely transparent and fit on your teeth. As a result of inserting these plaques, your teeth are slowly moved in the place planned by your orthodontist. Specially designed to move your teeth little by little, each small movement gently, effectively and precisely brings you one step closer to the smile you always wanted.

The most important reason for invisalign, which offers without braces orthodontic treatment opportunity, is that no one will understand that you have your teeth treated while correcting the perplexity of your teeth.


How do teeth move without braces?

Your doctor will take measurements from your mouth and these measurements will be transferred to the computer by using 3D scanning method called CAD-CAM system. The teeth transferred to the virtual environment are moved by computer simulation.

Invisalign plaques are produced by correcting your teeth on the computer, removing the shape you want from the 3D printer and pressing a flexible transparent plate on it. Each plaque creates a certain mm of movement, and when you pass this improved plate to your teeth, the teeth are forced into the plate to move the teeth, so that the teeth move a little more each time you change the plate.

The plaques are inserted for an average of 2 weeks and then switched to the other plaques.


How old can my child get Invisalign treatment?

Your child must have dropped all his primary teeth and at least partially removed the second molars. This corresponds to an average age of 12 years. Invisalign can be easily applied to both young people and adults. It can be easily worn from 12 to 80 years.


Can Invisalign fix my teeth too?

The fact that the teeth are too perplexity does not mean that the treatment will not work, it can be used for serious perplexity problems, but there are several specific tooth movements that invisalign treatment cannot do. For this, you must be examined by an experienced orthodontist.


How many plaques should I wear? How many hours do I have to wear the plaques per a day?

The treatment time and the number of plaques to be used vary according to the perplexity of the teeth and the desired amount of tooth movement.

Each transparent plaque straightens the teeth by 0.25-0.5 mm and needs to be worn for 20-22 hours a day for 14 days. At the end of the second week, the teeth take the shape of the plaque and switch to the second plaque which has been further trimmed and for 14 days it takes the shape of a new plaque, so that after a series of plaques are used, the teeth are straightened.


What is the biggest advantage of Invisalign treatment?

First of all, Invisalign almost never appears in your mouth and you can continue to laugh as you wish during the treatment. Treatment with transparent plaques is more comfortable than conventional braces methods, since there is no brackets or metal part in the mouth, there is no sinking and wound formation, and the treatment is more painless than traditional braces treatments. There is no negative effect on the speech, there is no need to remove it in presentations, meetings. You can easily remove your plaque when eating, drinking or brushing your teeth, you can eat any food you want.

Unlike brackets, you can remove them as you like during the meal. You can brush and floss your teeth at any time. Your appointment time at the doctor will also take a short time, as there will be no wire adjustments. You can also see how your teeth will look at the end of the treatment before you start the Invisalign treatment.


Does treatment with normal braces or Invisalign take less time?

The duration of treatment varies according to the case. However, since computer technology is used for Învisalign treatment, no force is applied to the undesired region of motion. The most important feature of Invisalign treatment is that it does not slow teeth movements by giving more forces.

When used properly, it is possible to know the treatment completion process clearly, with the possibility of seeing in 3D how the teeth will look in which month. 





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