Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics)

Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics)

What is the root canal treatment?

Root Canal Therapy (Entodontics Treatment) is applied to infections caused by the placement of microorganisms, inflammation due to various causes, and in the case of damage to the pulp structure in the internal part of the tooth, which includes a soft layer of nerve- blood-lymph veins. With today’s root canal therapy, the teeth that need to be extracted can be healed.

How is Root Canal Treatment done?

After the condition of the tooth is examined and the problem is detected by the dentist, the details of the treatment are explained to the patient. Firstly, the area to be treated is numbed so that the pain is not felt. Then, if there is decay, it is cleaned and opened from the tooth crown section to reach the area where the teeth nerves are. It is ensured that the root canals are disinfected (cleaned from bacteria) and the canals are filled with a material compatible with the surrounding tissues. If the damaged pulp structure is not removed, infections occur in the tissues of the teeth and surrounding areas. That is why the risk of losing the tooth is high.

How much time does a root canal treatment take?

After the dentist’s diagnosis, the patient is informed of the procedures and the number of sessions to be performed. In general, the whole treatment is completed within 1 to 3 sessions.

What about the Post-Root Canal Treatment?

After the root canal treatment, the tooth’s crown is permanently restored. After treatment, complaints of mild pain and tenderness in the teeth may be seen, but this is temporary. It will soon be clear that the sensitivity is out of question. An extra care or application for the patient is not necessary. It is not a situation that will affect your daily life or jeopardize your oral health.


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