Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning

Is Teeth Cleaning Harmful?


Cleaning of Dental Tartar

A large majority of tooth loss in adults is caused by gum and the bones surrounding the teeth.

Gum disease is caused by bacteria called plaque, in the thickness of a film layer, that adhere to the surface of the teeth.

If the plaque is not cleaned, it turns into tartar (calculus). The accumulation of plaque and tartar allows the destructive bacteria to multiply in our mouths, and as a result, gaps called diastema occur between the tooth and gum, and gum recedes.

Bacteria secrete enzyme that cause bone destruction around the tooth. As a result, the tooth is lost.

Teeth cleaning is the basis of the struggle with gum disease.

In order to be able to cope with gum disease; plaques, tartar and bacteria in the pocket of the gums must be removed from the mouth environment. These harmful occurrences are removed as a result of interferences with ultrasonic devices or suitable hand tools. These tools definitely do not damage the tooth enamel because they are professional tools used by dentists. While cleaning tartar; air, water and a special cleaning powder is sprayed.

The first aim of dental cleaning is the removal of plaques, tartar and some diseased tissues. Therefore, it is a very useful treatment method, and not harmful at all.
If the gums have been receded because of dental tartar, the tooth roots will naturally be exposed when the tartar is removed. People may assume that their roots are exposed when tartar is cleaned while in fact, they are the results of previous bad mouth care and receding due to tartar. This is not related to teeth cleaning.

If receding gums cannot be healed with an operation, good oral hygiene is essential for the gums not to recede more.

If tartar removal is done too often, it means that your oral hygiene is not good. Your dentist, whom you should visit every 6 months, will warn you about this.

Remember, it is in your hand to prevent the re-formation of tartar after the teeth cleaning. You get the desired oral health by brushing and taking care of the interface as your dentist demonstrates.

If you think you have a quick re-formation of tartar after your teeth cleaning, you should keep an eye on your brushing style. If a cleaned place gets dirty again it means that it is not taken good care of.

Do not neglect the care of your gums and make sure that you get your teeth cleaned if necessary, keeping in mind that oral health is part of your overall body health.


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